Longboard Fin

The Roam Longboard fin template is a balanced all round shape creating a fin to suit most mid-lengths and longboards in most wave conditions. The wide base generates predictable drive with a medium wide tip for smooth turns and fluid manoeuvrability.

The small sizes are excellent for smaller egg or high performance longboards running 3 similar size fins. The medium to larger fins are great as 2+1 or single fins on mid length up to longboards.

Ideal board:
Suitable for most egg, mid-length and modern longboard.
Larger sizes can be used as single fin

Ideal conditions:
All – the balanced fin style feels predictable and reassuring in any waves.

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• 4.5”
• 6”
• 7”
• 8”
• 9”
• 9.75”


• Black
• Blue
• Smoke


• Foil: 50/50
• Base: Standard Longboard
• Solid Fibreglass

Size 4.5"

Size 6"

Size 7"

Size 8"

Size 9"