Edouard Delpero Classic Fin

This is a large fin designed to secure the tail to allow long nose rides. However, unlike a pivot or keel fin, it has a raked template allowing a turning arc. 

Edouard’s classic style combines trim and positioning with big wrapping turns. We developed this fin with Edouard with a large size for securing the tail on a soft railed single fin, a wide base for drive and a long rake with medium tip, to allow him to set the rail and carve.

This fin works in any noserider longboard offering a wider range of surfing style than a more traditional pivot or keel fin.


Ideal board:
Edouard Delpero Classic Minvielle x Torq

Or any classic longboard.

Ideal conditions:
From knee high waves headhigh

Check our FIN GUIDE


• 10”
• 11”


• Clear


• Foil: 50/50
• Base: Standard Longboard
• Solid Fibreglass