Edouard Delpero Pro Fin

This is a performance fin, designed for a 2+1 longboard or midlength. Edouard uses the 7.5” with his signature 4.57” sidebite in his 9’1 Pro competition longboard by Minvielle x Torq surfboards.

The design concept is for powerful performance surfing off the tail with enough hold to nose ride. The medium wide base, combined with Edouard’s larger sidebites creates a powerful drivey base. It’ll come off the bottom and carve on the face with an engaged feel, more like a thruster set up. 

It’s fairly upright, with a medium rake and narrow tip making it highly responsive. Edouard uses this set in big barrels where small adjustments are critical, especially on a 9’1 longboard on a steep face.

On a 2+1 longboard use the 7.5” with large sides, or 8’5” with smaller sides for drive and agility. For Midlengths, the 7.5” with large sides, create a very stable yet responsive feel, perfect if you’re coming off a shortboard. 

Ideal board:
Edouard Delpero Pro Minvielle x Torq

Or any performance 2+1 longboard and Midlength.

Ideal conditions:
From knee high waves and to overhead barrels.

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• 7.5”
• 8.5”


• Black


• Foil: 50/50
• Base: Standard Longboard
• Solid Fibreglass