verb - \ ˈrōm  \
Definition of Roam
1: to go from place to place without purpose or direction : WANDER
2: to travel purposefully unhindered through a wide area

Roam Surf Accessories – it started with Roam Boardbags. We wanted a better surfboard bag. We needed a boardbag that would stealthily store 2 boards (or 3!) in one. We needed more surfboard padding but less weight. We needed a pocket and an extra strap loop. And more durable outers, and wax resistant inners. And room for a wetsuit, towel and surf travel gear. And a bag that was actually a bit wider and longer than the board it’s labelled for (so you can always get your groveller and step-up in there). The Roam bag was designed to travel well.

Like all the best ideas it came from a surf trip (hence the name – Roam means to travel). So we made a surfboard bag and went on another surftrip. Design, test, travel, surf and repeat, til we got it right.

Then we took the same approach into tail pads, surfboard leashes, fins and roof rack pads tweaking all the bits we needed to – simplifying where we could. Removing the fuss, making them simple but effective. And always with surf travel in mind – travel tested equipment you can rely on.