Roam Eco Alternative

Our message is simple – the Roam brand is built on stuff that lets us travel to and enjoy the best places to surf. Like everyone we want to protect those places.

Like all surfers, we’ve come to rely on products that have a footprint in the materials and processes used to make them.

To try to minimise this footprint we created the Roam Eco Alternative range.

In any Roam Eco Alternative product we’ve sourced materials and processes with the most sustainable effect, whether in the product or packaging. In each case we label clearly any sustainability benefits to help make your decision.

Algae Foam Traction

In our Roam Eco Alternative tailpads we use Algae foam instead of EVA foam. Whereas EVA is an oil based material, Algae Foam is a sustainable foam produced from the naturally occurring water based plant Algae.

The Algae is collected from waterways where the plant over takes other species, so has an added benefit to the eco-systems that are cleaned by the removal of algal blooms.

Algae foam has the same performance as EVA in terms of grip and durability.

Roam Algae Foam traction pads are supplied on recycled card backing, 20% smaller than our standard card and with less printing.

The pad is wrapped in a compostable bag for shipping and storage. The card has the correct disposal instructions printed on the back.

Recycled Leash

The Roam Recycled Leash uses recycled material in the cord, cuff and packaging with plant based neoprene in the cuff.

The cord is TPU with 20% recycled urethane.

Webbing is Recycled PET

The cuff uses Yulex natural foam and recycled linings.

Roam Recycled Leashes are supplied in a recycled card sleeve with simple printing. The card has the correct disposal instructions printed on the inside.

Change Robe

The Roam Change Robe uses 100% recycled linings inside and out.