Performance Thruster Fins

As the name suggests the Roam Performance Thruster fin is for good surfing in good waves. The longer rake and narrower tip means this fin feels engaged – designed to hold a high line in a barrel and for rail to rail surfing at high speed. Best in powerful waves, they feel better the faster you go.

Ideal board:
Performance shortboard, step up board.

Ideal conditions:
Good or powerful waves any size

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• S: 4.41”
• M: 4.57”
• L: 4.72”


• Black
• Blue
• Smoke


• Foil: Flat side
• Base: to fit Futures or FCS
• Honeycomb Core

Black 1 Tab

Black 2 Tab

Blue 1 Tab

Blue 2 Tab

Smoke 1 Tab

Smoke 2 Tab