Edouard Delpero Sidebite Fins

This is a large sidebite fin – similar in size to a large thruster side fin. Edouard uses these with his 7.5” ED Pro centre fin in his high performance Minvielle x Torq surfboard model.

The combination of larger side fins and smaller centre fin creates a very drivey feel, more similar to a thruster. For performance longboards or midlengths, this provides powerful feel with a lot of projection off the bottom and engaged feel through turns.

Ideal board:
Edouard Delpero Pro Minvielle x Torq
Or any performance 2+1 longboard

Ideal conditions:
From knee high waves and to overhead barrels.

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• 4.57”


• Black


• Foil: Flat side
• Base: to fit Futures or FCS
• Solid Fibreglass